My house here in Atlanta, Georgia is similar to all of the other houses in my neighborhood, but to me it is completely different. My family’s personal additions have made our house a comfortable place for friends and family. Though our house has its strong points and weak points as all homes do; I feel safe and comfortable in the environment. My house’s strong points include our newly renovated basement and my room. Sometimes I wish we had a pool in our backyard, but we have one in our neighborhood so it is okay. In America places are divided by states and then into counties; my neighborhood is located in a county called East Cobb. Our house is always full of people and animals. I have a little sister, Melanie, who is ten, a dog named Cassie, a cat named Winston, and another cat that I call Devil, but everyone else calls him Smokey. My grandmother is always visiting, like every other week and my cousins are constantly staying at our house.

Atlanta is surprisingly green and fertile. Unfortunately right now we are in a drought and haven’t been able to water our plants, lawns, and gardens. If you were to go to New York and then come here to Atlanta you would be amazed, because in New York there are buildings everywhere and few trees. When someone comes here they tend to hear that we have a lot of buildings in downtown Atlanta and so they assume something like you would see in New York, but we have trees and parks everywhere.

America is great and there is no place like it in the world. Here in America we are fortunate in the fact that no one is forced to join the army, but they can volunteer. In America, I have traveled to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Maine, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, California, Washington D.C., Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, and Virginia. Two years ago I went on a hiking trip in New Mexico and for the two weeks I was there it became my home. The trip made me realize that a home isn’t a permanent structure, but a place where you feel comfortable, a part of something and welcomed. Though I have only visited Israel twice for a few months I still feel that Israel has always been a home for me.

A home is not a materialistic idea as many people try to make it, but where you have family and friends and where you are welcomed. Right now my house in East Cobb is my home. When I go off to the army or where ever I go to after high school then that place will become my home. It won’t matter to me if I live in a smaller place with close friends, rather than a mansion with some acquaintances; because I know that I will always be welcome.