My name is Ariel and my middle name is Hannah, I am a sophomore at the Weber School in Atlanta Georgia. I have lived in Atlanta all of my life. I like living in Atlanta because my whole life is here, including all my friends but it doesn’t have a lot to offer like Israel. We don’t have a beach or really pretty sights and I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that does. My mom grew up in Atlanta and my dad is from New York and came to Atlanta many years ago. He attended college in Washington D.C just as my sister currently is. I have one sister and she is a sophomore in college, she is 19 years old. I have a dog that is about 12 years old but her age isn’t accurate because we adopted her from the humane society, her name is Honey. My favorite subjects in school are science and math. I have been taking Hebrew as my second language for 11 years, however I am still not fluent. I am very devoted to my school work, but I still have a lot of fun with many of my hobbies such as swimming after school, cooking and on weekends, hanging out with friends, and shopping. I am a shopaholic and love spending hours at the mall or going to boutiques. I love urban outfitters, Bloomingdales. Anthropology, metro park, true religion, diesel, paige, American apparel est. I am very close with my friends because I have known most of them for a very long time. I enjoy listening to all different types of music from all different artists. I love going to concerts even if I don’t know all the music I just think it’s a lot of fun going with friends. Anyways, I look forward to writing all of you and learning more about each other!!

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