Me: Have you ever wanted to live somewhere else besides Atlanta, or the U.S.? If yes, Where?
Lior: I have lived in Atlanta, but now i live in Israel. I always wanted to live in New York or Paris.

Me: Do you think your life or choices in life would have been different if you had lived outside of America?
Lior: I think my life choices would have been different because my life perspective has changed ever since I lived in Atlanta, for three years. I have tried many new things that I had not experieanced until nowand it helped me make better choices.

Me: Do you ever wish your parents and grandparents hadn’t moved to America?
Lior: Sometimes I do wish we would have stayed in Israel. But then I remember how many things I learned and how many friends I have made. I also could never forget the fact my best friend is from Atlanta, and imagining not talking to her a seeing her is weird.

Me:Do you agree with America’s decisions and government?
Lior:I do agree with America's government because they help out a lot and transfer a lot of money to Israel.

Me:Do you feel you would have the same rights and be able to do everything you already have in another country?
Lior: I dont think ill have the same rights because all over the world you aren't as free as you are in America. In Israel I do have all the rights and even more then in America because im an Israeli citizen and in America I wasn't a citizen.

Me:Do you think you would have a more eventful or safer life in another country?
Lior: I think my life in America was safe because the fear little dear I had in Israel was gone. Then again, in Israel I feel so safe because it's my home, the place I belong too. I feel safe in both places.

Me:If you could choose another place to live, where would you live?
Lior: If I had the choice I would live in Israel because I love my country so much. But if I still had to choose a place to live, besides Israel, I would live somewhere in America or Europe.

Me: Do you wish your family lived somewhere else or out of state?
Lior: I don't wish my family has lived somewhere else.

Me:Do you think you would have had children or as many children as you have if you did not live in Amreica?
Lior: Actully, I think maybe in America I would have had more kids. That's because in America raising your children is easier because life is different then Israel and is harder to manage and care for a family in Israel because of many different reasons.

Me: Is there any other feelings you have on living outside of America?
Lior: On one hand living in America was such a good expierience, but Israel is still my home and the place I would always want to go back to because my family and my friends are here. Also, my childhood was mostly in Israel and I can't leave that time of my life behind. I also wish my kids would have the same childhood like me so I would want to stay here in Israel, with my kids and family.