Living in America isn’t that great. I lived in Miami Florida up until my freshman year of High School, when I moved to Atlanta Georgia. It was the best move for me, my first move. Luckily, I moved here with a friend of mine from Florida, and we ended up going to the same school together, The Weber School. It made it easier for me to make friends knowing that I wasn’t alone. Come wintertime, it was cold, I mean real cold. I had never experienced a season change before this so I was excited. I love cold weather. I got to buy my first long sleeve shirt, it was the most exciting thing ever!
America itself is NOT a place you want to live in. Most of it is filthy and disrespected. A lot of the people are rude and inconsiderate. Atlanta is an exception to this statement. It is beautiful and full of nature. I like to think of myself as a pagan, therefore having beautiful nature surrounding you is a great site to see. The weather mostly is gorgeous, and the season change is breathtaking. My house sits on an acre of forestland, and it’s pretty big. I live in a 3-story house, including the basement. My room is upstairs along with the guest room, and the soon to be movie room. I love the location and setting of my house. I always sit outside and do any work I need to do, and to just sit out there and read, it’s relaxing.
There are many sites to see here in good old Georgia. For instance, you have the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca-Cola center, and much more. The Georgia Aquarium is full of beautiful animals such as whales, fish, turtles and octopus. The Atlanta Zoo is holding a panda named Mai-lai. She is beautiful but sadly, going back to her home in China. The Zoo is also full of beautiful animals. There are quite a few attractions in Georgia.
Georgia all in all is a beautiful place to live, although I much prefer somewhere out of the United States. There are many attractions and advantages of living in Atlanta such as, the Aquarium, Fern Bank, the Zoo and of course, season changes. I love living in Atlanta, it’s gorgeous, and clean. My house is a beauty, and my family makes it a home.