Hey Everyone!

I’m Aubrey, 16 years old, and a student at The Weber School. Weber is a very open and welcoming environment. My friends and family are very important to me, and at Weber they allow me to have a life outside of my academics. One of my non-academic activities is dance, I have a passion for dancing, and I am in a company, which I have been in for the past 14 years. Although dance is a huge part of my life, school is also very special. I enjoy history and poetry. I think that this project is going to be amazing considering one of my best friends moved back to Israel at the beginning of freshman year. Her name is Lior and she lives in Tel- Aviv. I have been to Israel three times, and every time I go I learn and venture new things. My family has traveled to Israel as well. My family is quite big, I have a total of three siblings, who are all older then me. The middle siblings, Adam and Arielle are 23 and they are twins. Arielle lives in New York City and Adam lives in Philadelphia. My oldest sister Amy, who is 31, lives in Philadelphia as well. During my free time, I love One Tree Hill, OC, Desperate Houswives, and Gossip Girl. During the summer and spring I love to go to the beach and swimming while its hot.I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, movies, shopping, parties and many other things. Clothes and fashion have always interested me, and lately I have been thinking I might want to have a store, when I am older, as my career or go into a business that includes clothing. I love James Pierce, Urban Outfitters, Love-yo, Spendid, True Religion, Desiel and all the little boutiques! I hope I get to learn about you also and I will be writing soon!!!

My Home

more pictures are to come!!
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