1. When you moved to Atlanta, where did you come from?
- Well, I moved around a lot while I was younger, but I moved to Atlanta from Louisville, Kentucky

2. How old were you when you moved to Atlanta?
- I was about 14 years old going into my Freshman year of High school at Riverwood High School

3. Why did you move to Atlanta
- I moved to Atlanta because my father had to move because of his job. He was the president of Rhoades Furniture. As a child, my family and I moved around alot.

4. Was it hard making friends when you emigrated from Louisville?
-Actually, no. I had a couple of family friends who were attending the same high school as myself. I was very fortunate.

5. As a student in high school, did you wish you had not moved the summer before Freshman year?
- Surprisingly not. I missed my old friends, but I was used to change. Plus, I was excited to meet new people.