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My name is Jennifer Bachar and I am fifteen years old. I am the middle child of five siblings. My eldest brother Moshe is 25 married with one child named Shai, my other brother Roy is 24 and lives in Washington D.C. Sivan, my youngest sister, is 17 months younger then me and we are very close. I call her “Booba” because when she was premature and the size of my dads palm when she was first born. We all thought that she looked like a doll so we called her Booba. I also have a younger brother named Jonathan, but I like to call him Yoni, he is 7. My mom is Morrocan and the rest of my family is Israeli. We moved to America when I was two. Even though we visit Israel almost every summer, if I had a choice I would DEFINETLY live is Israel. I have family and friends who live there and every summer is a blast. My dream is to join the army when I turn 18.
Some of my hobbies include singing and writing songs, volleyball, gymnastics, and running. I also enjoy many types of dance. I take three different Israeli Folk Dance classes and sometimes belly dance classes during the week. I am also part of a group called Nitzanim. Nitzanim is a performing group with 12 dancers that travel throughout the eastern region performing our own choreography to Israeli folk dance songs. It is a mix of Israeli, belly and modern dance. Our goal is to spread Israeli culture as far as we can reach. Since I don’t really like reading or watching TV dance is a fun way to spend my time when I’m bored. I like listening to music, especially Hebrew music. Some of my favorite songs are by Sarit Hadad, which I know you guys are probably sick of, subliminal, and mishpachat takt. There are a lot more people that I listen to but I cant name right now.

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