Joshua Videlefsky
Mrs. Huff
16 October 2007

Wiki Assignment

I love my home in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe it is fair to say that I agree with the majority of you that America isn’t that great because of George Bush. Atlanta on the other hand is almost perfect! There is always something to do with your friends in Atlanta. The Atlanta sports, such as the Atlanta Braves baseball team, Atlanta Hawks basketball team, Atlanta Thrashers hockey team, and finally the Atlanta Falcons football keep the city fans wild and entertained. Atlantic Station is an area with streets lined with restaurants, shops, and a movie theatre. Underground Atlanta is becoming a very tourist attraction area; Underground is an unbelievable mall, underground, in the hardcore heart of Atlanta. Local malls and movies in the suburbs are really convenient to hang out with friends. There are only three complaints that I have which limit the activities and fun in Atlanta; one, the age limits; two, the crime; three, the inconvenience of a large and vast city. The city, being as big as it is, makes it extremely inconvenient to get from one side of town to the other and to make arrangements with friends. All of the clubs and fun areas for teens and adults are set in Buckhead, Mid-Town, and Downtown, but you must be eighteen to get into the clubs and most of the events. It is very dangerous to be in certain downtown and midtown areas after dark because of the high rate of crime. Now, Buckhead is redoing its nightlife locations and spots into accommodations due to this issue. Another part of Atlanta that I love is that it is so beautiful for a city, in most parts. Each block is infested with tall, aged, magnificent trees and nature. This nature is presented by one of my favorite features of Atlanta, which is all of the striking parks. There are many parks, which is rare to come across in built up metro areas. These parks are used for playgrounds, community functions, and wild, awesome concerts. The rich culture of music in Atlanta, and the brilliant artists that grew up in the city are enhanced and return to perform in the parks outdoor, and they are crazy! My personal favorite artist, Kanye West, was born in Atlanta, and other rappers grew up here such as the famous Ludacris, Young Joc, Young Jeezy, T.I., Usher, Chris Brown, Ying Yang Twins, and Soulja Boy. Lastly, Atlanta is completely accepting of all religions to practice, which is why Atlanta has such a huge Jewish community with hundreds of synagogues across the city.