My name is Josh V. I am a tenth grader at The Weber School of Atlanta, Georgia.
One of my biggest passions and hobbies in life is soccer! I play all the time and travel around the area with my traveling team. The Weber soccer team isn’t very successful though!
There is always something to do in Atlanta. Concerts, parks, tikon olam, sports, movies, malls, and restaurants keep my friends and I entertained in Atlanta.
Two bad parts about Atlanta are the crime and that it is so large, it is inconvenient and difficult to make last minute arrangements with friends.
Israel is such an amazing place, and I would like to live there someday. Each time I go there I experience something new about the amazing culture of our Jewish homeland.


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Listen to Kanye West! He is the best artist and rapper alive!

And..... CRANK DAT SOULJA BOY!!!!!!! Watch this below!

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And...... Our version! im the dancer in the blue shirt!

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