Shalom! My name is Rachel C. and I live in Marietta, GA. I am fifteen years old. I am the youngest student in my grade. In Geogia you are able to drive at the age of fifteen as long as there is a parent or gaurdian in the car. Once you hvae turned sixteen you are able to drive alone. I have not gotten my permit yet but I will soon. I attend the Weber School which is a Jewish day school located in Sandy Springs. One of my favorite classes is chemistry. There are also a few clubs that I am in which include: Tik club (community service club), culinary arts club, and a swimming club. The reason why I like this class is because I like to learn how things work. I enjoy learning about the subject. I have five siblings who are all older than me. One of my brothers goes to Emory University in Atlanta and my other brother who is seven years older than me goes to University of Wisconsin in Madison. I am very close to both of them even though they are much older than me. I also have two dogs which were at one time stray animals. One is a dauschund and the other dog is a rotwyeiler mix with a little bit of black lab. My favorite music is classic rock. Some of my favorite bands are The Doors, Grateful Dead, and The Who. One of my favorite TV shows is Boy meets World and Full House. One hobby that I like to do is working out at the gym with friends or sometimes family. Besides working out with my friends, I like to cook REALLY GOOD food. One of my favorite things to do is travel. I have been to Europe multiple times, including England, Denmark, Sweden, Amsterdam. I also have been to the bahammas and Canada. When I am in college, I hope to study abroad. I hope you enjoy reading my page and learing about me!
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Thanks and hope to speak to you soon!

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