What Home Means To Me

The definition for home is the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. Although most people think of home as their house with their blood relatives present, I use this term in a larger meaning. I like to think I have many families and homes; Whether it is my house with my parents and siblings, my school with friends, or with my dance company, I will always feel comfortable where I am and who I am with. Home is a term that reminds me of stability and encouragement and where ever I go or what happens I always know I will have that place and those people to fall back on.

My home, where I live and grew up, is located in a small neighborhood with about seventeen houses in Sandy Springs, Atlanta. I have lived in my house all of my lives, so I have a true connection with it, where as my other siblings have only lived there since they were nine and sixteen. I love my home it is comfortable and spacious. The people who I live with are also a huge part of my life. My mother, Marianne, is truly the most amazing woman I know, she is my role model. My father, Stephen, I am also very close with and we do many activities together. There is also Doris, my house-keeper, and we are extremely close as well. My siblings no longer live in the house, but when ever they come everything goes back to how it used to be when they lived in Atlanta.

At Weber there are very close student teacher relationships, which add a lot of confidence and comfort to the day and my studies. My friends are a huge part of my everyday life. They know everything about me and are always there for each other. I do not know what I would do with out them. School is a place for us to learn, however it is also a place for us to grow and prepare for the life we will soon start independently. School is a very small part of our complete life and although it is important to do well in classes, I feel we should also live our life to the fullest and have fun while learning.

I also like to think that my dance company is my family. Many hours are spent with my dance group and teachers. I have danced at my studio since I was two, so I know almost everyone. It is a small building with four studios, but it is our home and I enjoy every minute I am there. Dance is a huge part of my life and people who join our group see how hard we work and how much we depend on each other to learn our dances and grow through our movements. I hope to always have this particular net of friends and I would like dance to always be part of my life.

Home is where the heart is; it doesn’t have to be the place or people, but a place you enjoy and feel comfortable committing to. I will always remember my childhood with a smile because I have people in my life that made me cheerful. It is not only where you are, but how you choose to spend your time. I will come back to Atlanta and I hope to raise my children as my parents have allowed me to grow and live through my childhood as I please.