Chelsea's Interview

America, Home of the Free

Interview with dad!
  1. Why did you come here in the first place?
A: I moved here from Dallas, Texas and I then moved to florida to marry my now ex-wife Dianne.
2. Is there something you didn’t like about where you lived before?
A: Well, it was very hott allot of the time, but other than that i loved Dallas
3. Did you want to move or where you forced?
A: I did'nt really want to move, but my ex-wife and daughter lived in Miami, and my wife's father owned a buisness there
4. Where do most of your family members live?
A: I don't have family. I was adopted, and my father died when i was 15, and my mother when i was 18
5. What were the activities like where you lived compared to here?
A: There wasn't to much to do in Dallas other than hang out with my friends and my daughters from a previous marriage. I also enjoyed listening to music on the grass outside the area. They always had live music playing, it was great.
6. Did you ever want to live somewhere besides the U.S?
A: I've always liked to live somewhere else, i'm not sure where, but really anywhere exotic.
7. Was it hard for you to adjust to the new environment?
A: Deffinetly, it was hard to get used to the people and the enviornment differences between Dallas and Miami, but i managed well.
8. Do you regret moving here, or are you happy?
A: I strongly dislike Florida, the people here are not nice, and the city is so crowded i can barely get anywhere.