America is a place that needs as much love, support, and affection that it can get. I believe that the most important way to help America and its citizens is to volunteer at many children shelters because kids are our future and without their confidence and ability to stand tall in our country, we wouldn’t have a strong economy here in America. Going to visit the children would cause them to feel as if they are loved and intelligent, and I believe that this is extremely important for this country.

Interview with my mom...
Q1: Was moving from South Africa to America a big transition?
Mom: It seemed like it would be, but once I got here, I felt extremely welcome.

Q2: Why did you move to America?
Mom: My husband got a job offer here. We were very happy that the job was in Atlanta because we had heard so many outstanding things about it.

Q3: The first time you got to America what did you notice?
Mom: I noticed the scenery and how big everything was around me. It was very new but very interesting.

Q4: What were your feelings towards America the moment you arrived?
Mom: I liked it the second I walked off the plane. It was just really beautiful and nice.

Q5: Have those feelings changed at all?
Mom: Not at all. I still love it here.

Q6: If you didn’t live in America do you think you’d visit multiple times because you can’t stay away?
Mom: Of course. I think many tourists would love it here because of the fun activities all around.

Q7: What is your favorite part about living in Atlanta?
Mom: As I said before, it is just beautiful and fun.

Q8: You were going to live in Arizona, so what changed your mind and made you come here?
Mom: Your dad and I thought that the job would be in Arizona, which we didn't mind living in, but when we heard about Atlanta we went crazy. We all thought, "Yes! This will be exciting!"

Q9: You’ve lived in so many places around the world. Is America considered your favorite of all?
Mom: I've lived in South Africa, Israel, Texas, and many more places, but America is by far my favorite place of all. The poeple here are so friendly.

Q10: Do you think living in America brought up your children well?
Mom: For sure. My children are now educated well, and they are the best daughters I could ever wish for.