What were some of the difficulties of moving to America?
Though there were many difficulties, we had family living in Atlanta who helped us move. Also the Jewish community in Atlanta was very helpful, we were able to make friends easily but overall I think the food, surprisingly, was the hardest to get used to, we are not very used to processed food and buying things ready to make. Growing up, I never had anything like this. Also most of my favorite food that I grew up with they don’t sell. For example Labaneh, (I don’t even know how to explain it) but I used to have it almost every morning with zataar and olive oil. I miss the fresh air and the people I used to see every day. Israel has a special attitude to the people, there are special characteristics that I feel like Israel has as a whole that I know I will always miss.

Was it hard moving to America without your family?
I wasn’t really leaving my family. My family is very big, all of the nine siblings live in other countries with their families happily. Though I had two siblings living in Israel I was leaving to America with one sibling living there. So it really doesn’t matter where I go I will always have one sibling.

What was your favorite change coming to Atlanta?
Atlanta, I have found, has many central stores with everything you need, like Target, Kroger, and Publix, for example, you can go there and find everything you need, as opposed to in Israel where you have separate stores for everything, like how the bakery is sometimes separate from the produce.

If you could live anywhere in the world besides America where would you live?
Israel- Betach!

Do you think you would have had children or as many children as you have if you did not live in America?
I don’t think I would have changed anything you guys are perfect of course