Jennifer Bachar
Mrs. Huff
WS 10CP2
21 October 2007
My Home
The definition to home is “the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.” My house is where I’ve spent most of my life; it’s a place where my family and I have shared memories and laughter together. Nobody can replace the feelings and memories in a home, nevertheless the house itself can be rebuilt. Personally, for my family, there are a lot of places we, as a family, can call home.

My first home is very special to me and it is located here in Atlanta. I have lived here for almost nine years. I call my home special it special is because of all the other people living here. When my family is all together it is quite chaotic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because those are the happiest when we are all together. My family is like a puzzle, one can only enjoy the picture if all of the pieces are joined together.

My mom is the glue of the family; she holds us together and cares for all of us. She sets the rules with no exceptions. My dad, the provider, makes sure everyone is doing well and is always ready to give. Then, to spice up the family life, are the siblings. Moshe and Roy, my two older brothers, whether they are fighting or playing around, you will always laugh when you are with them. Then Moshe’s son, Shai, and Meliss, his wife, always bring smiles around; they are adorable! Every time we see them, Shai has done something new; for example when he took his first step, or when his first tooth came out. Next on the list is my sister Sivan and I; we’re usually either complaining, or making fun of something, which we always have fun doing. Last but not least, the youngest, and probably the most lively in the house, my little brother yoni. Yoni gets excited when he learns something new and loves to make sure that everyone in the house hears what he has to say. He is very enthusiastic, and although annoying, Yoni can make anyone of any age laugh.

My second home would be in Israel with my Savta on my father’s side. Almost all of his family lives in different parts of Israel. My Savta’s house is in Petach Tikva in the same deerah with the rest of my fathers siblings; we spend our summers with them, either we go to Israel or they come to us. I am very close with a lot of my cousins who are my age and have friends that live in Israel, and every time I go I see them. When you can go to your family’s house, invite friends, raid the fridge, make a mess, then it’s your home.

Everyone has their own definition of home. My home is where the ones I love are, where we live each day creating a comfortable environment to suit everyone’s needs. When someone is not embarrassed or shy to ask something then he or she is home. I am comfortable in both my homes and I hope that never changes.