1. Where did you live before you came to America?
Johannesburg, South Africa

2. What made you decide to come to America?
Crime in South Africa was an essential reason why we moved.

3. How did you get to America?
They came by plane, and their belongings came by ship in cartons.

4. What city did you decide to live in and why?
Atlanta, Georgia because it is a great environemnt to be raised in, or at least better than Joburg.

5. What influenced you to choose the location of your accomodation?
My cousin, Robyn Michalow, was living in Atlanta, andshe convinced us to move to Atlanta because it is such an amazing place.

6. What did you live in when you first moved to the States?
My mother, father, older sister, and I all lived in a tiny two room apartment in downtown Atlanta.

7. When did you arrive for good?
We all arrived in 1993.

8. After living there for a while, did you like your old home or home in the states more?
After living in the tiny apartment for a year, my parents purchased a house in the suburbs.

9. Did you find it easy to settle down in America, why or why not?
No, because the cultures and lifestyles are drastically different.

10. What are some great qualities about where you live, and what are some negative characteristics about the location?
Some great qualities in Atlanta are the sport venues and arenas, concerts, and nightlife, while some of the negative chracteristics
include bad crime, and the city is huge.