external image bonds327.jpgBarry Bonds. Everyone looks up to him in The U.S.


external image 060927_michaelVick_vmed_5p.widec.jpgMichael Vick. What a G!!

Hi, my name is Joseph. I am a sophomore at The Weber School in Atlanta, Ga, formerly known as the ATL. I also live in Atlanta. I am a very big sports fan. I play baseball, basketball, and the occasional game of hopscotch. Also follow sports on T.V.

I come from a pretty big family. I have four brothers and one sister. I really like having a big family.

My birthday is October 15th and I will be turning sixteen years old. I am very excited because I am getting my driver's license. It's going to be off the chain.

I really enjoy going to school at The Weber School. I am very smart and get the best grades ever. Some of my favorite subjects are: Geometry, American literature, Tanach, and European History. Do you take any of those subjects?

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